Early Summer Dishes

Summer is finally here! We have pared down some of our hot offerings and boosted the cold options to match the weather.  I know some of you will miss the Bao Buns and dumplings, but due to the nature of being in one of the oldest buildings in Helena, with no ventilation, we have to do away with steamers etc. so we don't steam ourselves!  I am confident that some of these new items can make up for any cravings you may have! 

Thai Pork Skewers- I savory skewer that could be off the streets of Bangkok, this skewer has a sensational dipping sauce made with a mild guajillo chili and tangy tamarind.

Buddha Bowl-  If you love our peanut sauce this bowl is for you!  A rice bowl topped by our marinaded and baked tofu, smothered in a peanut dressing and served with a carrot and fire roasted jalapeño mash, traditional Thai cucumber salad, and topped with our herb combo of cilantro, mint and basil.

Burmese Mango Salad- Back by popular demand! I can't say that I have ever been to Burma, however their recipes seem to have a few defining elements which are exemplified in this salad; toasted powders, and crunchy garlic or shallot.  We use a toasted chickpea flour in our dressing, which gives a captivating nutty flavor and aroma to this salad, as well as crispy shallot, which adds to the texture of the overall dish. We hope you love the flavors as much as everyone on the staff does!

Bún Bò Huê-  While Pho might be the famous soup of Vietnam, Bún Bò Huê is like an under appreciated step child, secretly beguiling.  Made with a rich beef and pork stock,  an added citrus notes and a punch of spice comes from an addition of an aromatic oil.  This delicious broth is served over rice noodles with local pork balls.  Huê is one of the only places in Vietnam that spicy food is enjoyed, and it's poster child soup has a nice note of it.

Satisfy Your Tastebuds!