Fall Menu

We are changing up the menu to reflect some of our favorite, savory options that go perfectly with fall.   We will highlight some of our delightful WARM dishes that we feel can go with the cooler, wetter (here is hoping!) weather here in Montana. Additionally, we will be using some of the fresh produce from our local farmers, as well as some staple Montana products such as meats, vegetables and herbs.  


This dish reminds me why I love Thai food, it is savory, crunchy and tangy all in one bite.  So comforting without being too heavy.  A combination of slow-cooked chicken legs and thighs, bell pepper, green beans, shallots and a coconut based peanut sauce over sticky rice.



With all the cattle running around these parts we have decided to add one of our favorite beef dishes (made with local beef of course).  We love this ORIGINAL sandwich, because it is  a touch spicy, aromatic, and served with a our house made pho, which is so perfect for dipping!  


Fluffy, slightly sweet steamed buns, what could be more Fall!  We are stuffing these little delightful pillows with your choice of and earthy blend of mushrooms or local pork slider with ginger and spices.  Do one of each if you please!


What? Noodles and Curry? A match made in heaven!  This traditional dish from the Chiang Mai area of Thailand is an umami bomb, including a house made curry paste, chicken, coconut milk, chicken bone broth and a load of toppings; bean sprouts, cilantro, chili oil, crispy onion, red onion and lime, all served over some fat egg noodles.

Satisfy Your Tastebuds!