Saigon Alley's Catering Menu

Lunch and Dinner

Lunches are available in two forms.  For parties 20 and under we recommend ordering off of our regular menu, and we can provide you with individual boxed lunches.  For parties of  21 or more we recommend a buffet style lunch from the catering menu below.  If more than one food choice is requested, we require 48 hours notice on the number of people who would like each dish.  


  • Thai Style Red Curry with Chicken or Tofu-  Local chicken or tofu with our house made red curry paste, seasonal vegetables, basil and coconut milk.  Served with coconut sticky rice.  $10.00


  • Bánh Mì Sandwiches-  Local Pork on Park Avenue sandwich buns with Siracha mayo, cilantro, pickled veggies, cucumber, jalapeño and lettuce.  $9.00


  • Glass Noodle Salad-  Mung bean noodles with lots of fresh vegetables, basil, mint and cilantro and topped with a Chili Lime dressing.  $8.00, can be topped with shrimp with an additional $3.00


  • Vietnamese Pork Chop-  Montana pork chops marinated in a luscious black pepper caramel sauce, seared and then served with a cucumber salad and coconut sticky rice.  $11.00


  • Peanut Chicken-  Local chicken thighs simmered in a chunky peanut sauce and spices.  Served with sticky rice and cucumber salad.  $11.00

  • Pad Thai- Rice Noodles with, egg, green onion, peanuts, cilantro and a tangy tamarind sauce. Your choice of chicken, pork or tofu.  $10.00

  • Kaffir Lime Leaf Chicken- Chicken thighs and legs braised with coconut milk, ginger, lemon grass, lime leaf, green beans and sweet bell pepper.  Served over coconut sticky rice. $11.00

  • Yum Woon Sen- Glass noodles with mushrooms, green onion, pork and shrimp,  topped with fresh herbs and peanuts. $10.00



Perfect Parings-


  • Half a Bánh Mì Sandwich and Soup Combo.  Please talk to us about soup options.  $10.00


  • Spring Rolls and Soup.  Our fresh spring rolls with herbs, rice noodles and pickled carrot served with peanut dipping sauce and a cup of soup.  2 rolls per person.  $10.00


  • Glass Noodle Salad and Soup.  Our glass noodle salad served with a cup of soup. $10.00

  • Green Salad and Soup $8.00




$2.00/per person 


Mint Lime-ade

Basil Lemonade

Thai Iced Tea



We recommend 4 “bites” per person for light appetizers.  6 to 8 bites if you need heavy appetizers.  Prices per bite vary between .75 C and 2.00, please talk to us about pricing on your selections.  There is a discount for chefs choice.  A minimum of 50 appetizers per order.


  • Spring Rolls- fresh rolls with your choice of peanut dipping sauce or nuoc cham.  


  • Fall Rolls- Fresh Rolls with minced pork, shiitake mushrooms, and fresh herbs served with cilantro lime dipping sauce. 


  • Curry Pockets- Phyllo Pockets with red curry inside, slightly spicy, great no fork eating.


  • Beef or Chicken Satay-  Meat marinated in shallot and lemongrass, skewered and seared to perfection.  Served with peanut dipping sauce.


  • Vietnamese Meatballs-  ground pork with herbs and exotic spices.  Served with black pepper dipping sauce.  


  • Son in Law eggs-  Crostini with soft boiled egg salad with a salty sweet tamarind sauce, cilantro and red pepper.


  • Bánh Mì Bites-  our classic banh mi sandwich in bite size pieces.


  • Soup Sippers-  talk to us about our soup selection.  Individual sized soups.


  • Pot Stickers-  ground Montana pork with green onion, carrot and savory seasonings.  Served with a soy lemon sauce.


  • Vegetarian Dumplings-  Winter Squash, Edamame or mushroom dumplings depending on the season.


  • Mini Crêpes-  A Vietnamese tradition, vegetarian crepes made with mung beans and filled with fresh herbs, lettuce and pickled vegetables.  


  • Pâté Platter-  Our house made Vietnamese style chicken liver pate, or mushroom pate with crostini and sweet and savory toppings.  


  • Vietnamese coffee bread pudding- Sweet bites of bread pudding, with notes of coffee, cinnamon and star anise.  



Dietary Restrictions

  We take your dietary restrictions very seriously!  Please make sure to tell us of any allergies or special needs you and your guests have.  We have quiet a few vegan, gluten free and dairy free options already on the menu, but feel free to ask for extras.  Please let any of your guests know that our kitchen does use peanuts on occasion if they have a serious allergy.


Special Orders

  Not in the mood for Southeast Asian?  Or some of your guests wouldn’t be?  We can cook almost anything, so please let us know if you have special requests!