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We will be closed for lunch Thursday July 29th due to short staffing and sick kids!  We appologize for any inconvience

We moved to Reeder's Alley

We are so happy to announce our new restaurant location!  We have moved into Reeder's Alley and are starting to enjoy our new deck. It is the perfect place to enjoy our seasonal offerings.  Our new location has an abundance of outdoor seating and take out during the time of Covid.  We hope you will come join us for lunch or dinner.

Our New location: 139 Reeder's Alley

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For Summer 2021 we are changing up the menu to reflect some of our favorite, light, fresh recipes for summer.   We will highlight some of our favorite salads and hot dishes that we feel can go with the hotter weather here in Montana. Additionally, we will be using some of the fresh produce from our local farmers, as well as some staple Montana products such as, meats, fish and herbs.  

New additions to the menu include:

 -KAFFIR LIME LEAF CHICKEN- This dish reminds me why I love Thai food, it is savory but slightly sweet and tangy all in one bite.  So comforting without being too heavy.  A combination of slow cooked chicken legs and thighs, bell pepper, green beans and local shiitake mushrooms served over sticky rice.


SPICY STEAK SALAD-  (neua nom tok)  With all the cattle running around these parts we have decided to add one of our favorite beef dishes (made with local beef of course).  We love this salad, because it is spicy, aromatic, and served with a warm dressing, which softens and wilts some of the fresh veggies.  We also love the fact that the greens may change throughout the summer season depending on what is available, but it is always delicious.

-BURMESE MANGO SALAD- I have never been to Burma, with all the political strife, it hasn't been a destination for me, however, I did fall in love with some of their food via some restaurants in the San Francisco area.  This salad has what seems to stand out to me as quintessentially Burmese in terms of flavor; earthy notes of roasted chickpea powder and fried shallot in contrast to sweetness to the mango.  I hope you find this flavor combination as intriguing as I do.

-FLATHEAD LAKE FISHCAKES "THAI STYLE"- Fish has never made an appearance on Saigon Alley's menus before because I always want more local ingredients. However, I recently found a new option that helps the environment!   These fishcakes are made from lake trout right out of Flathead lake.  It is an invasive species there, and they are trying to clean out the lake from the unwanted (but delectable) species.  So we can have our "fish cakes" too.

“Food has been my life, from cooking to farming, to wine and back to cooking again, it is all about bringing life, bounty and wild beauty into every daily moment.  Life is best savored. ”