We will be closed Sunday October 18th due to bad weather

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We moved to Reeder's Alley

We are so happy to announce our new restaurant location!  We have moved into Reeder's Alley and are starting to enjoy our new deck. It is the perfect place to enjoy our seasonal offerings.  Our new location has an abundance of outdoor seating and take out during the time of Covid.  We hope you will come join us for lunch or dinner.

Our New location: 139 Reeder's Alley

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New Seasonal Menu

For Spring 2021 we are changing up the menu to reflect some of our favorite, light, fresh recipes for spring.   We will highlight some soups and hot dishes that we feel can go with the fickle weather here in Montana. Additionally, we will be using some of the first produce from our local farmers, as well as some staple Montana products such as, meats, lentils and chickpeas.  

New additions to the menu include:

 -KHAO SOI- heralding from northern Thailand, this dish embodies that delicious umami taste I crave in the spring.  Made with our house made curry paste, the curry base to this dish is mild and yet intricate.  What makes it stand out is not only that it is served over noodles, but all the fun accompaniments that it has, from pickled greens to crispy onion, this dish we hope will warm your hearts as much as it does ours.

-LAOTIAN CHICKEN SALAD-  (laarp gai)  Is a minced chicken dish that may have humble ingredients but delivers in intensity of flavor.  The base of the dish is charred shallot and garlic, and poached chicken, which is elevated by fresh herbs, a tangy lime dressing, carrots, peas and  a spicy aromatic rice powder.  Not only is this salad vibrant and fresh, it is an awesome addition to those of us trying to burn off the extra winter calories!

-MANGO AND CURRIED CHICKPEA SALAD- At Saigon Alley we are always trying to find new ways of using local ingredients, and this salad really incorporates quiet a few, and contains some lovely protein from a plant based source for all our vegan and vegetarian aficionados.  Local greens and Timeless Seed chickpeas, are topped with sautéed onions, and cauliflower, mangos and a zesty curried lime dressing.

-VEGAN PHO- The quintessential Vietnamese soup in vegan form! Yes, please!  We are making our own stock with shiitake mushrooms, charred ginger, shallot, lemongrass and all the traditional spices.  We are topping this soup with lots of fresh seasonal veggies, herbs and hoisin glazed tofu.   And for all you meat eaters, we promise to make Pho Ga and Pho Bo as specials!

“Food has been my life, from cooking to farming, to wine and back to cooking again, it is all about bringing life, bounty and wild beauty into every daily moment.  Life is best savored. ”